Thursday, 17 December 2009

Writing online content: update

Had a little bit of good news a couple of days ago - my first article has been accepted by Constant Content! It was in response to a public request, so the client has first dibs on it and if they don't like it, it will go in my general portfolio. The article in question is about the Northern Lights. I must say I really enjoyed writing it - the process of taking the scientific information from several sources and distilling it down into a readable morsel about 550 words long was nice and challenging.

I like the Constant Content way of doing things much better than Elance. I haven't pursued Elance because I suspect that most of the clients on there are the sort who give you an extremely vague brief to start with, and then constantly move the goalposts so you end up doing a lot of work for a very low hourly rate.

I really need to sign up for some more online content sites, because in the short term, this is the only thing that is going to add more ££ to my coffers. It's going to be some months before Hub Pages starts to kick in earnings-wise, if it ever does.

Current Hub Pages Adsense earnings: £4.21. Woohoo!

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