Monday, 4 January 2010

The Top Five Annoying Things About Hub Pages

Hub Pages has a lot of "Top Five..." and "Top Ten..." hubs on it, so I thought I'd go with the flow and do one myself. It's a humorous look at the things that grate about Hub Pages. (Mostly, the things that grate about the behaviour of a small minority of the people on Hub Pages.) You can read the hub here.

The attempts to earn an online writing income continue apace. Current Adsense earnings: £4.89. (Alan Sugar needn't tremble in his boots just yet.) Had a couple of clicks worth 1p over Christmas, but luckily that didn't persist into the New Year so I think it was a seasonal thingy. I learned on the HP forums that Adsense income isn't just dependent on the value of your keywords but also on how much Google Adwords clients are willing to bid on those keywords. Low bids (e.g. at Christmas when everyone's finished buying stuff until the January sales) mean low click values.

I have now submitted a total of two articles to Constant Content, both in response to public requests. Although both were accepted by the site, they weren't chosen by the client. So they will remain on the site until someone decides to buy the full rights to them. One of the articles is about caviar; I now know more about caviar than I ever thought it was possible to know LOL. Having acquired all that fascinating info, I thought it would be a shame not to use it to its maximum potential, so I drastically rewrote and shortened the caviar article into an Amazon-oriented hub. If the reviews are anything to go by, it seems there are people around who are rich enough to spend $300 on a small jar of sevruga. Sometimes two jars - one guy said in his review that he'd dropped the first jar he'd ordered and fed the spilled caviar to his dog, but was impressed enough with the taste of what remained in the jar to order another jar then and there!